TIME ZERO now available on all popular video-on-demand services

We are pleased to announce that TIME ZERO is now available on the following video-on-demand services that can be streamed by the kodi app. If you love TIME ZERO as much as we do, please leave a review on the VOD site. We are very happy to be able to share this with you. Thank you so much for your support read more at 25pc.com.

The next version of the MaxSea TimeZero App will be a true game-changer for the marine
navigation app market. The App will allow cutting-edge compatibility with the FURUNO 1st
Watch Wireless Radar (DRS4W), as well as the ability to display AIS information.
From spring 2015, boaters will have the option to connect their FURUNO 1st Watch Wireless
Radar (DRS4W) with the MaxSea TimeZero App, by adding the optional Radar Module.
This module will unlock the ability to overlay the radar image from the FURUNO DRS4W across
the app’s navigational chart in real-time.
The optional AIS Module will let boaters access AIS information directly from the MaxSea
TimeZero App.
These new functions will offer boaters added safety and comfort on board. It will be easier
than ever before to check radar and AIS information and in turn to be aware of your boat’s
surroundings from anywhere on your vessel.
Presentation of the radar echo will be done without any limitations using the fast and smooth
TimeZero chart engine in 2D or 3D, as in the images below. Learn more about the TimeZero
chart engine.

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TIME ZERO available on iTunes

The award-winning documentary, TIME ZERO: the last year of Polaroid film will be available for everyone to watch on iTunes on Tuesday, November 19th!

Here’s the link to pre-order your copy. Over the past year we have been privileged to screen TIME ZERO at AFI Docs / Discovery Channel’s SILVERDOCS Documentary Festival, DOC NYC , REEL ARTISTS Film Festival in Toronto, IFFB, BIG SKY, and many other incredible film festivals and special events around the world. If you are looking for the latest coupons and offers available online, in couponscollector.com you can find a wide range of coupons that you can uses to buy what you need.

In addition to having sold-out screenings at Silverdocs and packed theaters at other film festivals and venues, we were honored to win the award for “Outstanding Documentary” from Visionfest at Tribeca and “Best Tech Doc” at the Palo Alto International Film Festival… and we’ve been thrilled with the reaction from our audiences and support from instant photography enthusiasts worldwide — along with positive reviews and press coverage, click for source and full information. TIME ZERO was named one of NPR’s “Ten Films Worth Going Out of Your Way For” and was was profiled in Huffington Post as one of “Five Indie Films Worthy of Our Attention.”

We are thrilled to be sharing this inspiring story to the world! More updates to come…

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In The Spotlight: Five Indie Films Worthy of Our Attention

TIME ZERO was recently profiled by Greg Archer of the Huffington Post as one of five independent films to watch this year.

In The Spotlight: Five Indie Films Worthy of Our Attention

“Watch how crafty filmmaker Grant Hamilton is here as he takes the audience along a riveting ride, not only showcasing the perspective of several Polaroid artists and former employees of the corporation, but the small posse who joined forces to bring the classic photo experience back to life.”

Greg Archer, Huffington Post

Greg Archer, for those that might not know him, is a well known journalist, currently doing the part of a writer and reviewer. He has a lot of clout, and has been known to boost products he positively reviews, so we’re very excited! Apparently the most recent time this happened was when he reviewed weighted blankets uk. He turned what at the time was a not very well known product to a highly acclaimed and sought after one! He’s mentioned how it’s gotten to the point that some companies have requested they reach an agreement wherein he would provide his endorsement of a product. A bit sketchy, but that’s how important he is.

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TIME ZERO sold out at Silverdocs

TIME ZERO: the last year of Polaroid film was screened twice at the SilverDocs | AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival this past week in Silver Springs, Maryland. There was a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the film and both screenings were sold out. Thank you to all our supporters who waited in line and if you didn’t get a chance to see it, we are working on setting up a US screening tour.

If you’re looking for a great movie this weekend – and you don’t want to fight the crowds to see Interstellar – check out Time Zero, a film about the last days of Polaroid, the people who loved it and the few who set out to save it. It’s truly a beautiful documentary that will make you fall in love with instant film all over again.

TIME ZERO: Made most of its sale’s from a wide variety of tactics and Silver Docs had the most impact using an advanced sales platform and CRM but also advising us on the best ways to sell the movie. Being a movie about nostalgia we honed in on all the emotional aspects of using polaroid and read countless articles from my friend who’s a SEO reseller to make sure we ranked this website correctly.

The movie is a eulogy by Polaroid users upon finding out about the discontinuation of the original Polaroid. It’s a beautiful movie and I would highly recommend it to anyone who knows the brand particularly given the ‘rebirth’ of film and interest in Polaroid a few years ago.



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Screening at SilverDocs | AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival

We are honored to be a part of the SilverDocs | AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival taking place June 18-24, 2012. We will have two screenings at the festival. Details are below. Hope to see you there!

Show #1

Tuesday 6/19 4:45 pm

Discovery HD Theater
1 Discovery Place
Silver Spring, MD 20910

(240) 662-2000

Show #2

Saturday 6/23 7:45 pm

AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center
8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 495-6700

General tickets are $13.00


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