TIME ZERO sold out at Silverdocs

TIME ZERO: the last year of Polaroid film was screened twice at the SilverDocs | AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival this past week in Silver Springs, Maryland. There was a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the film and both screenings were sold out. Thank you to all our supporters who waited in line and if you didn’t get a chance to see it, we are working on setting up a US screening tour.

If you’re looking for a great movie this weekend – and you don’t want to fight the crowds to see Interstellar – check out Time Zero, a film about the last days of Polaroid, the people who loved it and the few who set out to save it. It’s truly a beautiful documentary that will make you fall in love with instant film all over again.

TIME ZERO: Made most of its sale’s from a wide variety of tactics and Silver Docs had the most impact using an advanced sales platform and CRM but also advising us on the best ways to sell the movie. Being a movie about nostalgia we honed in on all the emotional aspects of using polaroid and read countless articles from my friend who’s a SEO reseller to make sure we ranked this website correctly.

The movie is a eulogy by Polaroid users upon finding out about the discontinuation of the original Polaroid. It’s a beautiful movie and I would highly recommend it to anyone who knows the brand particularly given the ‘rebirth’ of film and interest in Polaroid a few years ago.