TIME ZERO is an excellent, nostalgic film.

[O]verall, this is a great film for audiences of all ages with some amazing cinematography and effects.”

Sandy Cannon-Brown, Women in Film and Video

TIME ZERO offers up a myriad of reasons why that type of film was so important and in doing so, engages the audience in a thoughtful provocative debate about the vitality of instant photos in a world that has gone so far into the digital universe.”

John P. Hanlon,

“So what do you do when the only company that sources the medium in which you work just … stops making it?

[O]ver and over, the photographers return you to the story, to their love of what they do, and to their desire to keep doing it. It really is a particularly modern film, in that it’s pretty rare these days to run into the problem these people are facing.

You’ll have to track down a chance to see the movie for yourself sometime…”

Linda Holmes,

mentioned in the press


“…I still believe it’s one of the best lighter-weight documentaries I saw this year — light in that this is not a doc addressing itself to a disaster; but one trying to tell the story of some people who are trying to save something they love: instant photography.”

Linda Holmes,


“Watch how crafty filmmaker Grant Hamilton is here as he takes the audience along a riveting ride, not only showcasing the perspective of several Polaroid artists and former employees of the corporation, but the small posse who joined forces to bring the classic photo experience back to life.”

Greg Archer, Huffington Post

The Art Founders Project–the online journal of Art Founders Inc.–produced a two-part series about TIME ZERO. Part one is available here. Part two will be posted soon. **SPOILERS AHEAD**

The Art Founders Project

Enquire magazine–an Italian magazine about design, fashion, music, art, photography, and trends–profiled TIME ZERO.

Hemispheres magazine has a nice overview of the recent history of instant photography with a mention of TIME ZERO.


“Oh honey, I’m so proud of you.”

Grant’s mom

“I get teary-eyed just watching the trailer! I can’t wait for the world to see the whole thing!”

Dave Bias, Vice President–Impossible America

“I’m sure that Grant is making Edwin Land very happy with TIME ZERO.”

Joel Heffner,

“I can’t wait to see it.”

Harry McCracken, Time magazine

“Whether you’re a Polaroid shooter or new to instant photography, Grant’s film is an inspirational and essential documentary that will motivate you to grab your Polaroid and start shooting!”

Michael Raso,

“You really knocked it out of the park. Somehow, when I met you I could tell this was going to be amazing. And, it was nothing short of amazing. Just fantastic..”

Jackie Neale Chadwick,